Friday, June 22, 2012

112289 Cards and counting...

G'day all! I'm excited because I may actually be able to post an image here now. Not knowing much about html I was always stuck behind the others who knew what they were doing.

 If it works, here is my photo of the card collection as it stands today :

With more to come.

Let's hope it worked!


Monday, June 4, 2012

Complete Sets

G'day folks,

I've recently (almost) completed my lifelong dream of owning every Regular Issue + Update/Traded Topps card issued since my year of birth, 1979. I am missing a few cards here and there (1 from 1984, 2 from 1992, etc) but essentially, it's pretty much complete!

I will post a Topps Card Wantlist very soon (once I've gone through them all and confirmed missing cards) so please, if you know anyone who can help, I will make it worth their while!



2012 Topps Series 2

I'm excited about the release of this series. Except one thing.

Bryce Harper is card #661 AND it's short-printed. Just another way for companies to screw kids out of the market. How are 6-year olds in Washington DC and Las Vegas going to get their hands on a Harper (RC)? They'll have to bust a lot of packs, buy the card individually (Probably $30 +) or get very lucky and pull it early.

Not fair, Topps!