Monday, April 2, 2012

Bring 'em Back!

I love NightOwlCards, not only because he Blogs about Dodgers cards, but because he actually knows what he is talking about. His thoughts on baseball cards are among the most educated and experienced that I've ever had the pleasure to read. I am hoping that fellow Baseball Card & Dodger fans out there, (especially here in Australia) get to know about this blog. Todays post is a perfect example of why :

My main comment was :

I would suggest to Topps that they create a true 'heritage' set. No Paralels. No Short Prints. No Minis. No Patches. No Relics. No Autos. NO inserts of ANY kind. 15-18 cards per pack. Boxes with 36 packs. Cheap and old 'grey' stock. 25-30 players per team. 50c per pack. 792 or 924 cards per set. Even without the stick of gum, they would still be desirable. THAT'S how the kids would get back into the hobby. It's not that difficult!

It really isn't that difficult... is it???

Nick J