Friday, September 21, 2012


OK... I'm really trying to keep updating my blog more frequently, but it's becoming increasingly difficult, due to the fact I'm an Aussie, and we have no card shops anymore, and our large-scale retailers do not sell cards of any kind.

It's E-Bay or die here!

And I choose to E-Bay. But only once every few months do I get the chance to buy some cards.

The worst part? We can't just buy random packs whenever we see them. There's shipping prices to consider, and we have to buy cards by the box or by the set if we're to avoid ripping ourselves off.

So I choose to buy complete sets.

Yes. Sets.

There's no real 'thrill of the chase' in buying complete sets, but since the ultimate goal is to complete a certain set, it's the best way to do it here.

2002 Topps Total & 2002 Upper Deck 40-Man are just two of the best sets I've somehow won over the years. I really wonder how many people hold a complete set of either, let alone BOTH!

I know there are guys out there who try to obtain a lot of these kinds of sets, and these are the guys who are the hobby's purists, in my opinion. I wish everyone in the hobby had the same kind of OCD that we do!

Time to shop around for some bargains on E-Bay - I'll hopefully learn how to upload some images of obscure cards in my collection soon, especially since I don't want to steal images from COMC.

I really enjoy reading other writers blogs, so if you know one that I may enjoy, please, let me know!

Cheers from Australia,

Nick J