Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The usual crap...

Ok, I got my 2000 Bowman 'set' in the mail today and it is no surprise to see that it has 31 cards missing. What is it with card sets from the USA? I have only ever received a complete set from ONE dealer in over 100 purchases of hand-collated sets. That dealer is Strictly Mint. They really do a great job in ensuring their sets are complete. That makes the slightly higher prices worthwhile to me. At least you're going to get what you pay for!

The worst part about my 2000 Bowman set? No Oswalt. No Zito. No Zambrano. No Francisco Rodriguez. I await the reply from the seller who is supposed to 'assume all responsibility'. Unfortunately that doesn't happen often enough.

I am rather angry right now, and also worried, because I bought the 1995 Bowman set from the same dealer. That set is supposedly in Ultra-Pro pages, so it would be difficult for them to leave cards out of that one... Let's see eh?

Nick J

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