Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hawaii Cards

G'day guys!

I'm seriously tired after sorting my entire baseball card collection into alphabetical order.

That's right - around 120,000 cards arranged in order of surname. I finished this mammoth task yesterday, and I was planning a few posts about certain players and their baseball card history. The only 'problem' is, I'm leaving for Hawaii in 5 days, and I will certainly want all posts to include an updated list of every player and their cards.

I know of a couple of card shops around Honolulu, along with the usual haunts, Wal-Mart. K-Mart, Target, Toys'R'Us, etc.

Chances are I will have a huge addition to my collection when I return home in about a month. So, I can't wait to post some pics of whatever it is that comes my way.

Thanks for reading!

Nick J


  1. Even going to Walmart in Hawaii sounds exotic.

  2. Hawaii is one of the few places where I forget about cards... and focus on more important things: Waiola shave ice, Leonard's malasadas, Zippy's chili & rice, Rainbow Drive-In's plate lunch, Like Like's saimin, Giovani's shrimp truck, etc. etc. etc.

    Have fun bruddah!

  3. Greg, you're 100% correct there - although it was full of retail packs. Still a valuable source!

    Fuji, it sounds like I may have sampled nearly everything you mentioned, save for the shrimp truck! Just an amazing place, and I think we'll be returning once again, as soon as our little girl is old enough to travel by plane without annoying the $%#& out of other passengers. :-)

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