Sunday, February 14, 2010

Card Collection... Catalogue Overkill


I've been trying to find someone out there who catalogues their own collection quite as thoroughly as I do. I'd like to think there would be no person out there as obsessive as me.

OK, my Baseball Cards folder has some sub-folders, the first of which is 'Team Players'. This has an excel file for each team, listing every player that I have on cardboard for that team, along with the number of cards I have of each player with that team.
Then I have 'Team Sets'. This is pretty much the same, but it has the number of cards from that team, listed by each set + the number of cards for the team that I have! eg. Dodgers has 2009 Upper Deck : 44, 2009 Upper Deck First Edition : 24, and so on.
Then I have every single card listed in Excel files, grouped by surname. EVERY single card! Each card has its own row, with card info. (Player, Team, Year, Set, Card Type, Card #)
I also have an Excel file with the info of every set I have even ONE card from, listed in alphabetical order. If I had the knowledge, I would post screenshots of the Excel files here, but I'm still only learning.

Please tell me you don't know people as overly thorough as this. It's a real pain when I get new cards! But definately worth it!

Nick J

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