Sunday, February 14, 2010


Welcome to anyone who somehow manages to find this!

My name is Nick and I'm from Australia, currently living about 60 miles South of Sydney. I've been collecting Baseball Cards since I visited the 7-11 near Flakey Jakes in Anaheim, 1989. I was all of 9 years old! 5 packs of 89 Topps and 3 packs of 89 Score were all I needed to get going. Plus the Cap'n Crunch cards I received in my cereal boxes didn't hurt either!

As you may appreciate, collecting Baseball Cards in Australia can be a very expensive exercise - shipping normally costs more than the cards themselves! Fortunately over the 20+ years, I've managed to accumulate around 71620 cards - not including dupes - and am still building it to this day. My focus is commons - not inserts, parallels or short-prints, just commons from each set, each year. I'm trying to get at least one card of each player in each uniform he ever appeared in. I think John Candelaria is my greatest achievement. Mike Morgan is proving to be most difficult.

Anyway, I'll be coming back here as often as I can, perhaps even with some news on any goings on in the Baseball Card world here in Australia. Granted, not much does happen, but when it does, I usually find out quickly!

I have just purchased 6 boxes of cards from the 90's on Ebay, for a total cost of just under $200 Aussie dollars. They are :

1994 Upper Deck Series 2 (Western Region)
1995 Topps Series 1
1995 Topps Series 2
1997 Topps Series 1
1997 Topps Series 2
1999 Topps Series 2

Each has 36 packs inside, so it should be a great day when they arrive, considering they're all from the one seller.

For anyone who notices, I will let you know what comes out of those boxes, if it is noteworthy!

Nick J

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