Friday, April 9, 2010

Australia's Best???

G'day all!

I have just received all of my final boxes/sets etc. for the offseason, and now I must say my collection is very impressive for an Aussie. I have almost 95000 baseball cards, ranging from 1961 thru to today. I'm really hoping I can get my hands on a good 3-Year lot soon - 2008-2010 Topps Factory Sets + their update & highlights counterparts.
I'd really love to know how to put my "Baseball Card Sets" excel file up here for people to view, does anyone know how to do it?

Well, i'm off to EBay to score some more complete sets with low shipping rates!

Love to all,

Nick J

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  1. Nick, by all means, follow my's good to have a little baseball card community here in Oz.

    As to what I collect...well, I'm just getting back into the game after quite a few years off. I was born in the States but moved to WA 2 1/2 years ago...just brought over the bulk of my collection (nowhere near as big as yours) this past Christmas.

    Because of where I grew up, I'm a fan of the Reds and Orioles, so I definitely collect those cards. I'm also a fan of Ken Griffey and Ichiro Suzuki so I like Mariners cards, and I also like the White Sox. And there's something about the green and gold of the Athletics that makes their cards look really sharp. (And there's nothing wrong with green and gold, right?) So does that answer your question?

    How about you...what do you focus on collecting (beside Piazza, of course)