Thursday, April 29, 2010

Recently Purchased Boxes

OK thanks to my mate Sonny @ Southern Hemisphere Cards here in Australia for 2 boxes of 89 Donruss and 1 box of 90 Topps.

Firstly, the 1990 Topps.
Every packet I opened, 2 cards went straight to the "Keep only if absolutely necessary" pile - the ones at either end of the pack. One had 20-year old wax stains which had browned significantly over the years, and the other one had a 20-year old stick of gum stuck to it. So that's 72 cards already gone from the box. And hey, still no signs of the Thomas NNOF! But I'm only about 20 cards short of the entire set now, so definately worth the break!

Secondly, the 1989 Donruss boxes.
Nothing too special in here - a few Griffey RC's, and still about 15 cards short of a full set here, but the definitive highlight of my box busting came in one single pack. Among the 15 cards + Puzzle piece, were commons of Nolan Ryan, Roger Clemens, Paul Molitor, Cal Ripken, Robin Yount, Mark McGwire and THE man from 1988, Kirk Gibson. Possibly the best single pack I've ever seen, let alone opened myself.

Hope to be opening a few more soon, and obviously I'm still in the market for the 2008-09-10 run of Topps Factory Sets.

Until next time, keep bustin!

Nick J


  1. Nick,

    Send me an e-mail - what '90 Topps cards do you still need - give me a list of numbers and I'll see what I can find.


  2. hi there, if ever you need something you can check me out. by the way that 1990 Topps pull's are great.