Monday, January 3, 2011

Wow, OK so It's been a very long time... but I'm back in my neighbourhood!

I thought I'd let the card collectors know that I've obtained some lovely sets over the last few weeks. I really really wish I had a scanner, so I could chuck some images on here, but those in the know, will know!

Here we go :

2010 Topps Factory (661 + 10 Factory Exclusive Rookie Variatons)
2010 Topps Update hand-collated set
2009 Topps Factory (660 + 5 Rookie Variations)
2009 Topps Update hand-collated set
2008 Topps Factory (Mantle Edition) - still waiting on the arrival, although it's not late yet!
2008 Topps Update hand-collated set
2006 Upper Deck Complete Set - Hand-collated (1250)
2005 Topps Update Factory (330)
2004 Topps Traded hand-collated + Bonds (221)
1997 Collectors Factory (506) I've always wanted this set for the Lee Smith card - not many cards exist with him in a Reds Uni.
1992 Score Rookie/Traded Factory (110 - Since I have all Score sets, I thought it was time to complete them all)
1991 Upper Deck Final Edition Factory (100 - Bought the regular issue 800-card Factory Set in Hawaii in 1991, took me a while to close the deal!)
1991 Ultra Update Factory (120 - I waited for the set to fall from overpriced to affordable. $8 - FTW!)
1991 Score Rookie/Traded Factory (110 - See 1992 Score R/T)
1991 Topps Traded Factory (132 - Basically the same as the Score sets - had to complete my regular & traded sets going)
1990 Score Rookie/Traded Factory (110 - See 1992 Score R/T)
1989 Donruss Traded Factory (56 - So cheap, yet it adds so much to the base set. A must for $1.50!)
1989 Score Rookie/Traded Factory (110 - See 1992 Score R/T - and, although I've never liked Griffey Jr, it's somewhat satisfying to own all of his RC's)
1989 Topps Traded Factory (132 - same as 1991 - and great to complete the Griffey Jr RC collection)
1987 Fleer Update Factory (132 - Just to finish the 1987 sets, along with...)
1987 Donruss hand-collated set (660 - Finally scored this set, complete and for a $20 price tag - pretty good when most boxes are selling for well over $50 here is Australia)
1986 Donruss hand-collated set (660 - Another set I've always wanted for a cheap price - like the 87 set, it was $20 and has by far the best photography of any of the 3 sets that year)
1985 Topps hand-collated set (792 - Another one I've been waiting for since 1989 - complete 85 sets are tough, so this one was great for $30 - considering that's the value of the McGwire Olympic RC)
1980-1981-1982-1983 Topps hand-collated sets (726-726-792-792 - for a total of $118, these are all on their way to my lucky lap. I still can't believe that they could go for such a cheap price, but they did. Actually, I got the 80-81-82 lot for $99, and the 83 set for $19. Pretty tidy I reckon!)
1981-1982 Fleer hand-collated sets (660-660 - both bought for $16 each, I know they're not great, but they have every player from those days, and it's nice to be able to have a set of cards almost as old as myself!
1981 Donruss hand-collated set - (605 - A pretty bad set, but when I spied it for $17, how could I resist? Now I have every MLB card from 1981, and that makes me happy!)

5 of these sets are still on their way...

I really can't wait for tomorrow!!!

Hope to let you all know once they're here,

Nick J

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  1. I think you've amassed more complete sets in those last few weeks than I have in my collecting life time. What a haul!!!

    I will add you back to the blogroll. Glad to hear you are back and rolling.


    JayBee Anama