Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Still waiting...

Well it looks like it will be another day before I get any more of my 5 remaining sets. It's almost 2pm here, and the mailbox is empty, and there's been no 'guy in a postal van' coming to my door. Bummer!

Anyway, while I'm here, I think my favourite set this week is the 2006 Upper Deck set. I scored it for a little over $200 and it's freaking HUGE!!! 1250 cards makes it by far the biggest set I have. I really love having the cards of middle-relievers and back-up catchers that I've craved since the Topps sets went crappy in 1995 (Not having 792 cards in each issue.)

Even my own team, the Dodgers has 48 cards! I love this set. If only every card in the set was vertically oriented - HATE the horizontal cards!!!

Also, the 2010 Topps factory set + Update was a good investment - 3 Strasburg cards plus a lot of other rookies. Buster Posey is the pick of them all, he's going to be the best hitting catcher this side of Piazza.

Til tomorrow...

Nick J

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