Monday, January 24, 2011

The Mailday... from Friday!

OK folks well it's been a few days, but I've been busy opening and admiring my new stash. It includes the 1982 Donruss Factory set, 1984 Fleer set, 1985 Fleer set, 1985 Donruss set, 1993 Topps Factory Set (the biggest fricken factory set I've ever seen!), 1994 Topps factory set, plus the 2 boxes of Ultra - 1991 and 1994 Series 2.

Firstly, I wish I'd opened the 1993 Topps set in 1993, because I got a Topps Black Gold Winner card for the ENTIRE Black Gold Set! Sheesh... Calling Doc Brown... The Golds and other 2 Black Golds were nothing special though.

On to the 1994 Topps Factory set - I didn't know this was the 'Bakers Dozen' set that had 26 extra cards in it! I got the 1995 Topps Pre-Production set, with the Griffey card as the Spectralite parallel, plus the 3-card 'Superstar Sampler' was Frank Thomas. I checked my price guides, and this 3-card set was worth $100 as recently as 1999! Wish I got the Piazza...

The Black Gold and Gold parallels were, again, nothing too special. I really wish there was an easy way to differentiate between each type of Factory Set from the old days. I feel sorry for the guy who sold me this one for under $30.

The 1991 Ultra box was as expected, I needed about 200 to complete the set, which I did, plus I also got the other 200 again, so if you buy a box of 1991 Ultra, you will pretty much be guaranteed to complete the set. I got every team logo sticker, except the Rangers. If anyone has one spare, let me know! I will pay $2 for the hassle of sending it, plus whatever the postage is!

The 1994 Ultra II box was a little disappointing. I was hoping to complete the set, as I already had about 60 out of 300, but I am still about 50 short. 13 commons per pack over 36 packs should have covered me, but alas, they weren't all there. The Inserts were nice, though 4 of them were dupes within the box. I got 2 of the 1:36 Rising Star cards, so it made it worthwhile. I also got 3 different Piazza inserts (YAY!) and 3 different Frank Thomas inserts. It was a very Franky day.

All in all, the 6 sets and 2 boxes were definately worth the approx. $230 I spent to get them all here.

I have only one parcel due to arrive now : The 1980-1981-1982 Topps set run. I really can't wait, especially since they were $99 for all 3 sets, and the 1980 set will be the first complete set I will own that could be considered a 'Vintage' set. Very exciting!

Happy collecting, (amassing in my case)

Nick J

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