Monday, January 24, 2011

1986 Donruss

I couldn't help but notice, that in the 1986 Donruss set, they gave Jerry Koosman a Diamond King card, but no regular issue card.


BTW, that's where I'm up to in my Alphabetical Checklist Book from my recent purchases - Koosman is card 7468 out of the 15493 that I've received in the last few weeks. Long way to go! Back to it...

The Mailday... from Friday!

OK folks well it's been a few days, but I've been busy opening and admiring my new stash. It includes the 1982 Donruss Factory set, 1984 Fleer set, 1985 Fleer set, 1985 Donruss set, 1993 Topps Factory Set (the biggest fricken factory set I've ever seen!), 1994 Topps factory set, plus the 2 boxes of Ultra - 1991 and 1994 Series 2.

Firstly, I wish I'd opened the 1993 Topps set in 1993, because I got a Topps Black Gold Winner card for the ENTIRE Black Gold Set! Sheesh... Calling Doc Brown... The Golds and other 2 Black Golds were nothing special though.

On to the 1994 Topps Factory set - I didn't know this was the 'Bakers Dozen' set that had 26 extra cards in it! I got the 1995 Topps Pre-Production set, with the Griffey card as the Spectralite parallel, plus the 3-card 'Superstar Sampler' was Frank Thomas. I checked my price guides, and this 3-card set was worth $100 as recently as 1999! Wish I got the Piazza...

The Black Gold and Gold parallels were, again, nothing too special. I really wish there was an easy way to differentiate between each type of Factory Set from the old days. I feel sorry for the guy who sold me this one for under $30.

The 1991 Ultra box was as expected, I needed about 200 to complete the set, which I did, plus I also got the other 200 again, so if you buy a box of 1991 Ultra, you will pretty much be guaranteed to complete the set. I got every team logo sticker, except the Rangers. If anyone has one spare, let me know! I will pay $2 for the hassle of sending it, plus whatever the postage is!

The 1994 Ultra II box was a little disappointing. I was hoping to complete the set, as I already had about 60 out of 300, but I am still about 50 short. 13 commons per pack over 36 packs should have covered me, but alas, they weren't all there. The Inserts were nice, though 4 of them were dupes within the box. I got 2 of the 1:36 Rising Star cards, so it made it worthwhile. I also got 3 different Piazza inserts (YAY!) and 3 different Frank Thomas inserts. It was a very Franky day.

All in all, the 6 sets and 2 boxes were definately worth the approx. $230 I spent to get them all here.

I have only one parcel due to arrive now : The 1980-1981-1982 Topps set run. I really can't wait, especially since they were $99 for all 3 sets, and the 1980 set will be the first complete set I will own that could be considered a 'Vintage' set. Very exciting!

Happy collecting, (amassing in my case)

Nick J

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Exciting moments

Don't you just love having a pick-up slip in the mailbox? I have to wait another 30 minutes before I go up to the Post Office to see which item arrived today. It's either going to be the 2008 Topps Factory set, or the 1980-1981-1982 run of Topps Sets. I hope it's the 2008 set, because i won it on Ebay nearly a month ago. Starting to worry! Although the seller is very reputable and I've waited over a month before. It can take anywhere from 10 days to 40 days to ship sets from the USA to Australia.

The next lot on the way is a nice pile bought from a guy in New York. The 1982 and 1985 Donruss sets, the 1984 and 1985 Fleer sets, 1993 and 1994 Topps Factory sets, and a box of 1991 Ultra, and a box of 1994 Ultra 2. Wow 6 sets and 2 boxes in one package... that's going to be the best mailday ever!!!

I guess the only items which contain random cards and the 93 and 94 Topps sets (Gold & Black Gold cards) plus the 94 Ultra box. I will list any good cards that show up in them! I'd love to accidentally find out that Topps made some 'hot sets' in 1993 or 1994. That is, Factory Sets of Topps Gold, instead of the regular issue cards. Almost impossible, but I'm still hopeful!

Happy collecting!

Nick J

Monday, January 10, 2011

83 T & 82 F

Well folks it's been a busy couple of days, with the arrival of the 1983 Topps set yesterday, and the 1982 Fleer set today. Once I bother purchasing the 83 and 84 Donruss sets, that will be my goal completed - every main set from the 80's! I think I'll leave the 1984 Fleer Update set off my list for a while though...

Off to read some blogs!

Nick J

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Waiting game isn't fun!

Well it's after 2pm here on Thursday afternoon... so I guess it's another sleep before mailday. Considering what is on its way, it's going to be worth it!

Next project will be to obtain the 1998 Pacific Online Set. 780 (or 800) cards full. I'm still yet to ever see a complete set of it on Ebay. Or anywhere for that matter...

Is that a knock at my door...?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Topps... Please Make These Cards!

I really hope that one year, Topps will make a 30-card set (hopefully a single boxed set) of standard-sized cards with each team's Logo pictured on the front. Almost like the Fleer Team Logo Stickers (1 per pack) during the 80's and up to 1991. On the back they should have the team checklist for cards in the regular Topps set that year.

Will my plea fall on deaf ears?

Bring back Team Logo Cards!!!


Nick J

Still waiting...

Well it looks like it will be another day before I get any more of my 5 remaining sets. It's almost 2pm here, and the mailbox is empty, and there's been no 'guy in a postal van' coming to my door. Bummer!

Anyway, while I'm here, I think my favourite set this week is the 2006 Upper Deck set. I scored it for a little over $200 and it's freaking HUGE!!! 1250 cards makes it by far the biggest set I have. I really love having the cards of middle-relievers and back-up catchers that I've craved since the Topps sets went crappy in 1995 (Not having 792 cards in each issue.)

Even my own team, the Dodgers has 48 cards! I love this set. If only every card in the set was vertically oriented - HATE the horizontal cards!!!

Also, the 2010 Topps factory set + Update was a good investment - 3 Strasburg cards plus a lot of other rookies. Buster Posey is the pick of them all, he's going to be the best hitting catcher this side of Piazza.

Til tomorrow...

Nick J

Not yet...

The eagerly awaited sets aren't here just yet.

I'm expecting :

2008 Topps Factory Set (Mantle Version + 10 RC Variations)
1983 Topps Hand
1982 Topps Hand
1982 Fleer Hand
1981 Topps Hand
1980 Topps Hand

I really can't wait to update the blog with set info as they arrive! My guess is, the 2008 Topps, and the 1982 Fleer sets will be here tomorrow.

Can't wait!

Nick J

Monday, January 3, 2011

Wow, OK so It's been a very long time... but I'm back in my neighbourhood!

I thought I'd let the card collectors know that I've obtained some lovely sets over the last few weeks. I really really wish I had a scanner, so I could chuck some images on here, but those in the know, will know!

Here we go :

2010 Topps Factory (661 + 10 Factory Exclusive Rookie Variatons)
2010 Topps Update hand-collated set
2009 Topps Factory (660 + 5 Rookie Variations)
2009 Topps Update hand-collated set
2008 Topps Factory (Mantle Edition) - still waiting on the arrival, although it's not late yet!
2008 Topps Update hand-collated set
2006 Upper Deck Complete Set - Hand-collated (1250)
2005 Topps Update Factory (330)
2004 Topps Traded hand-collated + Bonds (221)
1997 Collectors Factory (506) I've always wanted this set for the Lee Smith card - not many cards exist with him in a Reds Uni.
1992 Score Rookie/Traded Factory (110 - Since I have all Score sets, I thought it was time to complete them all)
1991 Upper Deck Final Edition Factory (100 - Bought the regular issue 800-card Factory Set in Hawaii in 1991, took me a while to close the deal!)
1991 Ultra Update Factory (120 - I waited for the set to fall from overpriced to affordable. $8 - FTW!)
1991 Score Rookie/Traded Factory (110 - See 1992 Score R/T)
1991 Topps Traded Factory (132 - Basically the same as the Score sets - had to complete my regular & traded sets going)
1990 Score Rookie/Traded Factory (110 - See 1992 Score R/T)
1989 Donruss Traded Factory (56 - So cheap, yet it adds so much to the base set. A must for $1.50!)
1989 Score Rookie/Traded Factory (110 - See 1992 Score R/T - and, although I've never liked Griffey Jr, it's somewhat satisfying to own all of his RC's)
1989 Topps Traded Factory (132 - same as 1991 - and great to complete the Griffey Jr RC collection)
1987 Fleer Update Factory (132 - Just to finish the 1987 sets, along with...)
1987 Donruss hand-collated set (660 - Finally scored this set, complete and for a $20 price tag - pretty good when most boxes are selling for well over $50 here is Australia)
1986 Donruss hand-collated set (660 - Another set I've always wanted for a cheap price - like the 87 set, it was $20 and has by far the best photography of any of the 3 sets that year)
1985 Topps hand-collated set (792 - Another one I've been waiting for since 1989 - complete 85 sets are tough, so this one was great for $30 - considering that's the value of the McGwire Olympic RC)
1980-1981-1982-1983 Topps hand-collated sets (726-726-792-792 - for a total of $118, these are all on their way to my lucky lap. I still can't believe that they could go for such a cheap price, but they did. Actually, I got the 80-81-82 lot for $99, and the 83 set for $19. Pretty tidy I reckon!)
1981-1982 Fleer hand-collated sets (660-660 - both bought for $16 each, I know they're not great, but they have every player from those days, and it's nice to be able to have a set of cards almost as old as myself!
1981 Donruss hand-collated set - (605 - A pretty bad set, but when I spied it for $17, how could I resist? Now I have every MLB card from 1981, and that makes me happy!)

5 of these sets are still on their way...

I really can't wait for tomorrow!!!

Hope to let you all know once they're here,

Nick J