Sunday, June 16, 2013

Australian Over-Government.

Well, something was bound to go wrong.

A purchase of the '74-'75-'76 Topps sets is awesome in anyone's eyes.

Except my country's stupid customs & border protection policy.

They've decided to withhold my 3 sets at the airport, based solely on the fact that the value of the goods is over $1000. As such, I will now be forced to fill out numerous forms and pay an equal amount of fees, before they will even allow the sets to escape from the airport.

Thank you, Nanny State.

Let thousands of unidentifiable people from the middle-east enter our country illegally on leaky boats, and set them up for life with enough welfare for their entire extended families, but for a born-and-bred Australian citizen to receive some cards from the U.S.A., a big NO.

Sorry, I got a bit political there. I apologize, as I'm rather upset at the government that I had voted against.

Hopefully, my next post will be about Baseball Cards from the mid-70's, and not another rant at my selectively over-protective government!

Nick J

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Back Home...

G'day you lucky folks who get to read my ramblings!

Since returning from Hawaii a couple of weeks ago, I have been lucky enough to purchase complete 1974, 1975 and 1976 Topps sets on the bay, and thus I will be awaiting their arrival before I start my 'Player Card Collection' series, particularly because I will soon have every Dave Winfield, Dave Parker, George Brett, Robin Yount & Dennis Eckersley base card to place in order for some (hopefully) cool photos!

These 3 sets will basically conclude my 'Topps Set Hoarding' run, since the '73 set is a bit too pricey, for my liking. Thanks Mike Schmidt, and your high-numbered short-printed multi-playered RC!

I would have loved to complete these sets in the good old-fashioned way, but as most would understand, it's an insanely difficult task, given my location. Best to go for the whole lot in one giant spree! As it stands right now, I have 150 '76 cards & 40 '75 cards, which will no doubt become redundant once the sets arrive. I will see if I can list them individually for those who may need some of them.

I also have a complete 1974 Dodgers Team Set, and if anyone out there truly needs it, let me know. They're all in Nr-Mt-Mint condition, but that may change, based on the condition of the cards that arrive. Obviously, I'll be keeping the best ones! (Sorry!)

Hopefully, I will get a nice gift in the mail before Friday, and I will be able to share some pics of those legendary mid-70's sets with everyone.

Until then,

Thanks for reading!