Sunday, February 2, 2014

Collecting in 2013 is complete.

G'day folks!

 I really wish I had more time to write here these days. The above pic is what I want my stash of cards to look like. Imagine an Earthquake has caused this beautiful set of shelves to topple forwards onto the floor. That's what my stash of cards currently resembles.

 The only place that I am able to read and comment in the Blogosphere is at work, and since I can't really take my cards there to photograph and post, I'm essentially confined to being just a reader & commenter.

 Over the last month, I set aside about a thousand bucks to purchase sets of cards that I have always wanted, or always get. Naturally, the 2013 Topps Factory Set was first, and the complete Update Series was second.

 I also found some cheap junk-wax boxes here in Australia which had free shipping - 4 boxes of 1993 Stadium Club came my way for less than $70. 1 x Series 1, 1 x Series 2 & 2 x Series 3. I had decided on 2 of the Series 3 boxes, because I knew that another Blogger has wanted the Charlie Hough Insert for a very long time. I didn't even land one of them for myself. 3 copies of the David Nied card from the same insert set made me angry at Topps collation, even if it was over 20 years ago.

 Some other sets came my way : 2008  & 2009 Upper Deck, as well as 1998 Fleer Tradition, including all SP's in the checklist, and the complete '63 Fleer Retro set issued alongside the '98 Tradition set. There are some absolutely amazing cards in that set!

 To the guys who may have been waiting for PWE's or Blogger Boxes from me, you've just read about the reason why I haven't sent them out yet - I really wanted to see if I could nail some wants for you with my new cards before I sent 'em out.

 So, the packages have been put together, and they'll be thrown your way on Monday.

 Thanks must also go to Night Owl and Nick @ Dime Boxes for mentioning me in the last couple weeks. To me, you guys are THE blogarometers (it's a thing!), and for me to be mentioned by you guys recently really means a lot. Expect a friendly reward!


Nick J