Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Slight Similarity?

G'day folks,

 Unfortunately, due to my total lack of sleep, I am without any motivation to try and install a new scanner. I'm pretty sure one needs a functioning brain to carry out that task. Hence, nothing!

 However, I did notice one thing while I was at work last night : Everyone loves the 2012 Topps U&H Adam Kennedy card, right? I'm quite certain that Night Owl does, and I believe it may be GCRL's favorite card from 2012.

 I noticed this card and I couldn't believe the similarities. Granted, I didn't have my copy of the 2012 Kennedy card with me, but from memory, the photograph could not be more twin-like! Even the background is somewhat similar, despite being pictured at different Ballparks.

 Too much time on my hands? Yes, but only when I'm at work.

The scanner installation process may have to wait until tomorrow... It's 6:38pm here, and I'm almost asleep already.

 Can't wait to become a proper blogger, complete with actual scans of my actual cards. I wonder if cards in the Southern Hemisphere warp in the opposite direction to those in the North? That would be the Coriolis Card Effect.

 Sorry for the lame joke,

Here's hoping to have some scans tomorrow.

Happy Blogging!

Nick J


  1. A little humor never hurt anyone...

    maybe a little science experiment with some 2010 Topps Chrome could be in order!!

  2. Man, I've heard so many stories about 2010 Topps Chrome, but I've had the chance to get my hands on some. I'm going to Hawaii in April, so it looks like I'll be searching the islands for some warped gold!

    I'll let you know if they warp in the opposite direction in the deep deep south!