Monday, January 21, 2013

Thanks, HP...

I really am anxious to use the scanner from 5 days ago...

I believe I need a CD to install the supportive software. Hopefully, the HP Website will allow me to download it! Unfortunately, I was at work all day today, and will be there all day tomorrow. That means I can't send a great bunch of cards to Nick of Dime Boxes until Wednesday!

It's not fair when work gets in the way of life.

So, Nick, if you're reading, I have packaged your cards up in their container, and I'm really excited to see if you like them. ( I already know you like at least One of them! - although it's the regular issue card.)

Maybe I could just take some photos of my cards and use those images instead...? But a scanner is much better for glossy cards...

I'll come up with something very shortly, guys.

I feel that I have to!

Happy collecting & blogging,

Nick J


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