Thursday, January 31, 2013

Vintage Part 2 : Indians

Well it's taken a couple days longer than I anticipated, but I'm ready to roll with part 2 of my Vintage Series. Work has a bad habit of getting in the way of what I really want to do around here, as I'm sure most you you would understand.

Something about these old gems just gets me excited whenever I see one. A lot of people define 'Vintage' cards as being pre-1981,  and I'll probably have to go along with that. I'd class these cards as 'Extra-Vintage' because they're from the 50's & 60's. Whenever I see a 1958 Topps card depicting a Cleveland Indian, I expect to see that little packet of wieners in the background. Maybe I saw too many of those pictured in a Beckett magazine 15-20 years ago. The 1960 cards are nice, and I think a major influence of Fleer's 1995 Flair issue. Very similar fronts, albeit very different quality levels!

Man, I wish I was an Indians collector. The color scheme on these 1968 Topps cards meshes very well with the uniforms. These cards look a lot better in person, too.

I should have been paying more attention. Until that Buddy Bell card fell out of my Indians box, I had completely forgotten that it was in my collection. I cannot explain just how much I love those All Star Rookie Cups! Although most of you in the blogosphere would understand it completely.

 In the coming weeks, I may start blogging about some more obscure sets from the last 20 years. Surely there can't be too many people out there with bunches of 1998 Pacific Online cards, could there? Perhaps I'll show some Topps Total or Upper Deck 40-Man cards, as I know there's a lot of bloggers out there who would appreciate seeing them.

Since I haven't made up my mind yet, we'll all have to wait and see!


Nick J


  1. Lots of neat cards here!

    My favorite of the bunch has to be the 1960 Topps "Mudcat" Grant. I've got one of those in my collection as well, although yours is in far better shape than mine.

  2. Cheers, Nick!

    There is a fair amount of wax stains on the front of the Grant card - It's the only one in the entire set that I've seen with wax on the front!

  3. Nice Tribe cards !!

    I don't know if I have "bunches", but I do have some Pacific Online cards. I miss Pacific baseball.

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